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About Us


Coop Support Services (U) Ltd

Coop Support Services (U) Ltd (COSSU) is a social enterprise that is providing a wide a
range of agricultural market system support services to smallholder farmers in Uganda
that enable them to derive social and economic benefits in a responsible manner.

The company has now built a business model around its wide network of farmers and is providing mutually beneficial solutions to the farming community in Uganda. Its business model is built around supporting its farmer network to produce selected agro-enterprises, the company then bulks, processes/adds value, brands and packages and markets the products of on behalf of the members. The company is also in the process of securing its own farms to supplement the production from its network of farmers. COSSU markets and distributes these products to high end markets in all parts of the world including; Europe, United States of America, Asia plus a few local high-end urban shops and supermarkets.

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We  facilitate the farmers to produce and then market on their behalf in exchange for pre-agreed fees that will be needed to run the secretariat.

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